Hi friends! Summer is in full swing, and there have been some amazing merchandise drop in Disney Springs.

My visit this week was very quick, so I only stopped by the World of Disney and Disney Style. Those are my favorite stores to shop at when it comes to Disney merchandise and Disney World Souvenirs, especially World of Disney because it is the largest Disney store in the U.S., so it pretty much has everything.

I can’t imagine anyone visiting Disney Springs without stopping by at World of Disney. How about you?

The Mickey Tropical fashion collection just dropped in Disney Style. This collection is perfect for a summer day in the parks and it has options for the entire family. One of the pieces is showcased in my video below! It is a red flowy women’s shorts with Mickey and Minnie. Super cute!

I am also loving the Disney journals inspired by classic books! I think I found the prettiest of them all! No, it is not the Snow White one, but the Beauty and The Beast stained glass journal. I paid $29.99, so you better believe it was worth it because I NEVER imagined myself dropping that much money on a glorified notebook. What did it for me was the page dividers, stunning!

One thing to know is that this journal is sold out on ShopDisney, but there’s plenty of stock in multiple stores throughout the Walt Disney World.

Another great find is part of the Repeatables Collection. I am obsessed with the silicone travel straw set because it is so useful to take to the parks! Personally, I love that paper straws are good for the environment, but I HATE how it feels and how it looses its shape after 20 minutes.

This Travel Straw Set is a GREAT Disney World Souvenirs and will come in handy! Now, I wish Disney releases this travel set with a thicker straw for milkshakes and bobas. What do you think?

*Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that I make a small percentage when you shop. Don’t worry, you won’t pay me anything, and it will not make a product more expensive to you.





Ok guys, this is not even close to be as gorgeous as the stained glass journal, but it is the only one available on ShopDisney. My recommendation? Ask for a friend visiting Disney to bring you one.




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